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     In this next scripture, we will show that there is no better way to demonstrate the state or characteristic of being good and the quality of moral behavior, than to lend a hand when someone needs it the most. Then Jesus answered and said: “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by chance a certain priest down that road. And when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came and looked, and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion. So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii,  gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you. So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.” Luke 10: 30-37 NKJV

Biblical Word

     NEIGHBOR – He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14: 31 NIV


     Matthew 25: 37-40 – The righteous will then answer him, ‘When, Lord, did we ever see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you a drink? When did we ever see you a stranger and welcome you in our homes, or naked and clothe you? When did we ever see you sick in prison, and visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these followers of mine, you did it for me!’ GNT


     All People Need Help Despite their Social Differences – Having created these works in order to guide my children & grandchildren, your kids are always watching you. When they see you act as a good Samaritan, they’ll likely grow up to do it too. Help when someone needs help…  race should never matter…  and help without expecting something in return.

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