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Articles of Incorporation

ENDORSED-FILED, in the Office of the Secretary of the State of California on June 23, 2003, by Kevin Shelly, Secretary of State.


The VAL-TE’ Corporation is a Online Nonprofit Religious Corporation that specializes, in the Social use of the Unpublished Dramatic Literary & Pictorial Works of it’s Owners. The Unpublished Dramatic Literary & Pictorial Works are sole property of it’s Owners, and cannot be reproduced in any way without the written permission of it’s Owners.

Corporation defined as an entity

  • The law view’s the VAL-TE’ Corporation as an Artificial Person substituted for it’s Owners, the Natural Persons responsible for it’s formation, who manage and control it’s affairs.
  • When the VAL-TE’ Corporation makes a contract, the contract is made by and in the name of this legal entity, and not by and in the name of the individual Owners.
  • The VAL-TE’ Corporation has almost all the rights and powers of an individual. It can sue and be sued, and it has recourse to the Constitution to protect it’s liberties.

Classification by purpose

  • A Private Corporation referred to as an Nonprofit, formed by Private Individuals for religious purposes.
    This Corporation is not organized for profit, does not distribute income or profits to Members, Officers or Directors – and does not issue stock.
    Eighty two percent of all donations are used exclusively within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3), and then disburse eighteen percent for use of the Collection of Unpublished Dramatic Literary & Pictorial Works to it’s Owners, in which Copyrights are claimed.

Classification by state of corporation

  • The VAL-TE’ Corporation is a Domestic Corporation in the State of California, where it received it’s Initial Charter.


Certificate issued under the seal of the United States Copyright Office – Library of Congress in accordance with Title 17, United States Code, on June 20, 2008, attest that registration has been made for the Unpublished Dramatic Literary & Pictorial Works identified. The information on the certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records by Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, United States of America.

Biblical words, references, and the significance

  • Unpublished Dramatic Literary & Pictorial Works
  • Copy of Slideshow Presentation
  • Separating the Spiritual from the Physical
  • Colorful Illustrations
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