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We don’t sell anything, it is our intentions to share these works with all people, in this CONCEPT promised to provide useful material to follow carefully and learn, in the One Hope to form an Unbreakable Chain not to only look for the hidden meaning, but also reveal things already known.

     Whereas, there are so many who simply need the same information given in a way not so difficult to understand, and that requires convincing people to trust with complete confidence in the true nature of our work.

     Though most of them would never without knowing what can be offered by all of the details, tell’s actually what has been chosen to see what people want you to see, rather than to think for yourself.
     Somehow overlooked, all of our lives as One Important Lesson after another being woven together through each designed experience, in bringing all people just one step closer to know the real value of every life, as well as their support. 




Luke 12:24


God watches over me

     I created these works in order to help guide my children & grandchildren to a whole new level of learning and understanding, by a simple start with the reading of the Accepted Truth.
     “Unless you’ve seen what the problem is, you can never find it in your life.” I want them to know what a Universal Love means. “All of us are apart of it and of each other, although there are a few more aware of this togetherness than others.”
     I also want them to be able to build upon all of the lessons I’ve learned, just in case I don’t live long enough to share with each one. In a very special part, I created these works for my little sister (Rest In Peace), a godsend who is One that gives me strength to go on.
     The Primary Reason: I especially created these works, that it might awaken Spiritual Understanding.
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